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Microblading Class September 18th-20th


Signs of Dehydration in the Skin

Dehydrated skin is a condition which results in the skin lacking enough water, this could be temporary or chronically. There are two types of dehydration to the skin, Epidermal dehydration and Dermal dehydration.

  • Epidermal dehydration affects the top layers of the skin and you can see by crepe skin or small lines that form when skin is moved.

  • Dermal dehydration affects the deeper layers of the skin resulting in deeper wrinkles visible on the surface and may cause sagging skin.

You can help combat dehydration in your skin by eating hydrating foods and using hydrating products. Some hydrating foods may include watermelon, cucumber, celery, oranges, and pineapples. Consuming these can help hydrate your skin. You also want to use very exfoliating and hydrating products in your daily skin care routine. Aveda has several different skin care products for example, the Botanical Kinetics line. This particular line has an Exfoliating Creme Cleanser that increases cell turn over to reveal radiance. Also it has a Intense Hydrating Creme that increases moisture instantly. Adding the Botanical Kinetics energizing eye creme diminishes the look of dark circles. We carry these Aveda products here at The Esthetic Loft.


Hello my name is Savannah!

HI! I'm Savannah. I have a PASSION for everything dealing with beauty and helping people. I went to Aveda a year after I graduated high school. Life got difficult in the middle of cosmetology school, so I ended up leaving to work. After that many years later, I found my passion in makeup which has led me to learning skin. Now, I am the newest employee at The Esthetic Loft as receptionist/ social media planner. After being out of school for almost 10 years, I am learning so much about skin treatments and things that are a love of mine just on a deeper level, being here. In the time away from school, I became a mother to the most wonderful 3 year old girl that was born with a limb difference. She was born without a right hand. She is why I continue to follow my Passions to show her "Mommy didn't give up on her goals so neither can I." My goal here at The Esthetic Loft is to further my education so I can become a Licensed Esthetician in the future. I am beyond grateful to be part of the team at The Esthetic Loft!!


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