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Derma-planing Training Course

The Esthetic Loft believes in continuing your education after you have become a Licensed Professional. Our Dermaplaning Course is a continuing education course for those who have a License and would like to have more hands on personal training. However, continuing education is not required in the State of Alabama.

Derma-planing is a simple and safe clinical that exfoliates the epidermis, while removing vellus hair. While the procedure has been around for 35 years or more, it has recently gained popularity in the esthetics field  The procedure is completed by gently gliding a stainless- steel scalpel blade across the sin to remove keratinized cells and " peach fuzz". Derma-planing can help smooth scarring and acne, reduce  uneven skin tone, as well as minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

The Course includes:

Course Introduction/ Overview of Derma-planing Course

History of Dermaplaning

Anatomy and Physiology Refresher (relating to dermaplaning)

Derma-planing procedure

Skin Types (relating to dermaplaning)


Treatment Room/Sanitation

Pre/Post Treatment Care


Hands On

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