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I'm Studying Herbalism!!!

I have always wanted to but now with #covi̇d19 here, I have the time!🤷🏽‍♀️ So most of you who know me, understands my love ️for skincare, but there is something that really has my curiosity right now. It's herbs,holistic medicine and nutrition . After my Mom lost her battle to breast cancer in 2009, I really became more health conscious. I began paying more attention to what I was taking into my body. I'm not saying that I am a health nut (although I would like to be. Goals! ) I do have a true appreciation for it. When I became more curious I noticed the effects that healthy eating and herbs was having on my skin. So guess what? I am furthering that curiosity and studying Herbalism and Nutrition! I am really excited about this new journey. I plan to incorporate herbs and nutrition into The Esthetic Loft's Philosophy! I will keep you all updating throughout this journey.

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